Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack Licence Key Free Download

Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack Licence Key Free Download

A USB connection allows the computer to communicate with a wide variety of devices, not just flash drives. Although severing this connection is done by simply unplugging it, it is recommended that you issue a secure delete command so that data is not lost or the device is damaged. This is where Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack licence key comes in handy, allowing you to view and manage whatever you connect to your PC via USB.

The Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack for mac spends most of its time on the system tray and alerts you whenever important changes are detected. A compact and attractive menu is available to you and can be changed from the settings menu. What makes Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack serial key shine is that it is able to detect and deal with even peripherals, with safe removal options, unlike the default Windows functions.

Depending on your intentions, it’s a good idea to visit the setup screen to configure the rules and what the app should handle. Starting with general functions and visual settings, the implemented settings allow you to disable even some Windows apps and features that prevent safe access or removal Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack latest version .

For security reasons, hidden devices are not displayed directly, such as mouse and keyboard, if they are USB-based. You can see them all, even built-in cameras or optical drives. Device properties can be managed in a tabbed window.

The storage settings are displayed, with options to start a speed test, change the icon, assign a hotkey for safe deletion, change behavior, change the volume name, or even use an implemented feature for n ‘any application. runs automatically when the device is connected.

Different commands are available for each device. As such, you can stop, return functionality, display the device in the status bar, test the speed or access the corresponding properties. Notifications let you know when connection changes occur, with an update button available, though device recognition is flawless Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack for download.

The main thing is that Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack for windows is a powerful application with which to closely monitor external devices of any type, as long as they are connected through a USB port. While it might sound light, it has tons of settings and options to handle connections in a much better way than Windows.


  • Convenient menu to control devices
  • Safe removal from device with one click
  • Return the stopped device
  • View processes that prevent the device from shutting down
  • Force shutdown of the device
  • Support for USB, SATA and Firewire devices
  • Stop with “disable” for SATA drives that do not support native secure deletion
  • Keyboard shortcuts to stop \ return
  • Program to run automatically when the device is inserted or stopped
  • Console command line tool
  • Ejecting memory cards from the card reader
  • Units to automatically hide empty card reader slots
  • Correct a drive letter on a specific device
  • Avoid assigning specific drive letters to hot-pluggable devices
  • Turn off disks when stopped (for Vista and Win7)
  • Portable app quick launch menu
  • Honest driving speed test
  • Disabling native Windows AutoPlay
  • Portable configurations for storage devices
  • Managing encrypted volumes


Zentimo Xstorage Manager Crack for windows

System Requirements

  • Windows XP up to Windows 10 Creator update 1803 (anything higher is at your own risk)
  • NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPUs
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or higher

How To Install

  • First, open your favorite Web browser, you can use Chrome or any other Browser that you have.
  • Download theĀ Zentimo xStorage Manager installation file from the trusted link .
  • Or you can download via this linkĀ  Download Zentimo xStorage Manager.


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